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Project Partners

For the project partners from Slovenia and Austria, this is the first year of the H₂GreenTECH project. Our aim is to combine and expand our knowledge in the field of green hydrogen technologies and fuel cells. The past year was marked not only by Covid-19, but also by the recognition of green hydrogen technologies as key to achieving set out environmental goals in the European Green Deal.

Duration: 30 Months
Start: 01.03.2020
End: 31.08.2022
Number of partners: 6
Overall budget: 584.500,00 EUR
Contribution of the ERDF: 496.825,00 EUR
Program: Cooperation program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria
Project coordinator: National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

How will we contribute to the development of green hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and Austria?

    • A one-stop-shop hydrogen center based in Maribor and in Graz with supporting laboratories in Ljubljana and Villach will provide easy access to the comprehensive research infrastructure of hydrogen technologies.
    • The result of the cooperation in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will be test protocols and demonstration models in the transport and industrial sectors.
    • A developed educational module on hydrogen technologies will support knowledge transfer to universities.
    • A roadmap for the promotion of low-carbon technologies in Slovenia and Austria will improve cooperation between research institutes, business and public administrations to promote innovation in the field of low-carbon technologies. more >>>

Presentation Video H₂GreenTECH

In 2021 we plan:

    • Photo contest on hydrogen technologies
    • Interregional congress in Maribor
    • Traveling exhibition on the development and importance of hydrogen technologies
    • Demonstration tours for students, researchers and entrepreneurs
    • Hydrogen Technology Night

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dr. Blaž Likozar, Head of Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering, Project Coordinator


dr. Peter Kumer, Science Directorate, Project Manager


dr. Dragica Marinič, Head of Project Management Office, Project Manager


Dr. Viktor Hacker, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Project Manager


Dr. Christian Heschl, Project manager


Dr. Wolfgang Werth, Project Manager