Long Night of Research – Graz University of Technology Station: Hydrogen Drive of the future?

During the Long Night of Research at Graz University of Technology, the research group of fuel cells at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, headed by Univ.-Prof. Viktor Hacker, gave insights into the topics of hydrogen and fuel cells as part of the ongoing international networking project H₂GreenTECH.

Will we be able to do without fossil fuels? Which technology will win the race for the drive of the future? Will it be the battery or the hydrogen-powered e-car? And how does a fuel cell actually work as a drive system? For the daily use of hydrogen drives, many questions would still have to be clarified, such as how a supply network can be set up, whereby the various national legislations also play a role. Finally, hydrogen must always be readily available in sufficient quantities if it is to be the propulsion medium of the future.

Using the demonstration model built as part of the H₂GreenTECH project, the green possibility of hydrogen production, storage and use as a fuel instead of fossil fuels was vividly explained to many visitors. The generation of renewable energy by photovoltaic cells and its further use for the production of green hydrogen by an electrolyser was demonstrated. Hydrogen storage and easy energy recovery (whenever needed) through a fuel cell were also demonstrated. By showing the demonstration model, young and old could be enthused about hydrogen technology. Through the distribution of promotional materials (bags, mugs, notebooks), the awareness gained about renewable energy and the environment will be remembered by the visitors for a long time through daily use.