End of the HYDROGEN CENTER traveling exhibition

The traveling exhibition HYDROGEN CENTER, which, within the framework of communication activities of the INTERREG project H2GreenTECH, aimed to bring knowledge about hydrogen closer by presenting demonstration models of partner institutions, ended with the last stop at the project partner, the Technical University of Graz.

Hydrogen (H2) is a key technology when it comes to achieving Europe’s climate goals. Preservation of the environment depends on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. New technologies based on green hydrogen are alternative solutions for a sustainable future.

With the exhibition, which from the beginning of 2022 moved between several locations in Slovenia and Austria, including Ljubljana, Maribor, Pinkafeld, Klagenfurt and Graz, the project was able to clearly show visitors that hydrogen is the energy source of the future and that in Austria and Slovenia are developing various models and solutions that will be key to the transition to the circular economy of the future and the energy value chain of the future.

Below you can find some impressions from the exhibitions in the gallery and a link to the promotional video, which the project partner Štajerska gospodarska zbornica prepared for the promotion of the exhibition.

If you are interested in more about the exhibition and hydrogen, please see the website of the project partner Forschung Burgenland, where the exhibition was part of the international conference on energy, buildings and utilities called e-nova. (LINK) But if you have a few minutes, take a look at the digital version of the exhibition here: