The first year of the H₂GreenTECH project

For the project partners from Slovenia and Austria, this is the first year of the H₂GreenTECH project. Our aim is to combine and expand our knowledge in the field of green hydrogen technologies and fuel cells. The past year was marked not only by Covid-19, but also by the recognition of green hydrogen technologies as key to achieving set out environmental goals in the European Green Deal.
Duration: 30 Months
Start: 01.03.2020
End: 31.08.2022
Number of partners: 6
Overall budget: 584.500,00 EUR
Contribution of the ERDF: 496.825,00 EUR
Program:  Cooperation program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria
Project coordinator: National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

How will we contribute to the development of green hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and Austria?

  • A one-stop-shop hydrogen center based in Maribor and in Graz with supporting laboratories in Ljubljana and Villach will provide easy access to the comprehensive research infrastructure of hydrogen technologies.
  • The result of the cooperation in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will be test protocols and demonstration models in the transport and industrial sectors.
  • A developed educational module on hydrogen technologies will support knowledge transfer to universities.
  • A roadmap for the promotion of low-carbon technologies in Slovenia and Austria will improve cooperation between research institutes, business and public administrations to promote innovation in the field of low-carbon technologies.