Opening of the Hydrogen Center traveling exhibition: Green future with hydrogen

Ljubljana – In January 2022, a traveling exhibition on hydrogen technologies will start at the National Institute of Chemistry, the leading partner of the Interreg SI-AT project H₂GreenTECH.

One of the priorities of society and individuals in the cross-border Interreg region Slovenia – Austria is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, sustainable, green and circular economy. This can be achieved by supporting research and development cooperation and integration.

The H₂GreenTECH partners contribute to the transition to a low-carbon society and sustainable energy solutions with their innovative technological developments in the field of research and development of hydrogen technologies and the production and use of hydrogen.

The traveling exhibition as a traveling laboratory, demonstrates the pioneering achievements in the field of hydrogen technologies of the H₂GreenTECH project partners and, at the same time, the understanding of hydrogen among young people.

The positive impact of the use of hydrogen and hydrogen technologies is reflected in various areas, such as sustainable mobility (fuel cells), electricity generation (renewable energy sources) and heating use.

The travelling exhibition will be part of a larger exhibition at the National Institute of Chemistry: circular economy, low carbon, innovative; which will showcase two key areas of the low carbon and circular economy: biomaterials (innovative solutions from biomaterials as sustainable resources) and hydrogen technologies.

In the coming months, the exhibition will also be on display in Maribor, Ljubljana, Villach, Graz and Pinkafeld.

Author: Dr. Dragica Marinič, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska