Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology (CEET) – Research, News and Upcoming Events

Within the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology (CEET), the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Systems group is at the forefront of innovative process and material development for fuel cells, hydrogen production and purification, lifetime optimization for fuel cells, catalyst characterization and manufacturing. Intensive research but also networking events and knowledge exchange are in the focus.

Research is first and foremost at the center of all activities at CEET. As every year, they have been working hard and with full commitment to push science and the development of a variety of technologies, but especially that of hydrogen, in the right direction. The knowledge could be distributed and passed on in a large number of publications. The great work has been rewarded, as Dr. Sebastian Bock was selected from 70 submissions for his research work on the development of a new sustainable process for hydrogen production at CEET and received the award for special social relevance from the Forum Technik und Gesellschaft for his dissertation.

Photo: ©alumniTUGraz 1887/Clemens Nestroy.

Even in this difficult time with the Covid-19 pandemic, the institute managed to organize and implement a wide range of events. In co-operation with Yokohama National University (YNU), Japan and with internationally recognized experts in the field of fuel cell research, the “13th International Summer School on PEFCs”, with lectures including fundamental studies and advanced aspects of PEFCs, was held again this year. In order to familiarize the students with the technologies associated with hydrogen, the demo model produced as part of the H2GreenTECH project was also presented.

Further upcoming events are the “Topical Meeting on Potential for cost reduction and performance improvement of the IEA TCP AFC for PEMFC at component and system level” on November 10/11, 2021 and the “8th RSE-SEE on Electrochemical Engineering and Electrochemistry” on July 10-15, 2022 in Graz.




Summer school: