Photo Contest

Let's run the future on hydrogen!

Preserving the environment depends on reducing emissions and fossil fuel consumption. Scientific knowledge and technological progress allow our generation to choose alternative solutions for a sustainable future – new green technologies based on hydrogen. Indeed, hydrogen is the best alternative to fossil fuels that could be used en masse to generate clean energy to heat buildings, power vehicles and decarbonize industrial processes. Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in space and on Earth, where it is mostly bound to other chemical elements in water and organic compounds. Therefore, it can be produced from almost any energy source. Green hydrogen, produced from water by an electrolysis process, is the cleanest. When we use it in a fuel cell, we generate electricity that can be used to power vehicles. Combustion produces only water vapour, which does not pollute the environment. >>>

Sounds almost too simple, doesn’t it?

In fact, green hydrogen technologies are hardly used in everyday life at the moment because of the expensive processes involved. But many laboratories, educational institutions and numerous companies are developing solutions for the wider use of these important future technologies.

National Institute of Chemistry and the partners of the H₂GreenTECH project want to draw the public’s attention to the development of breakthrough hydrogen technologies in the area of Slovenia and Austria. We have launched a photo competition on the theme Let’s run the future on hydrogen!

Who can participate? Students, researchers, entrepreneurs, users… anyone passionate about new technologies!

Everyone interested in hydrogen and green hydrogen technologies is invited to capture snapshots
in photos! What about motives? Only the sky is the limit… but in the case of hydrogen, it may not
be 😊 Share with us impressive photos of your research or educational activities, the use of hydrogen in work/production processes, or its use/appearance in daily life.

Your participation and our thanks!

The four best photos (two from Austria and two from Slovenia) will be taken on Traveling Exhibition Hydrogen Center in the form of a laboratory to raise public awareness of the importance of green hydrogen technologies. It will be set up in seven locations in Slovenia and Austria, with an accompanying permanent virtual exhibition. Winners will receive the H₂GreenTECH Promotional Package and #Spend the Day experience in the lab at National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia or TU Graz, Austria.

The winning photos will complement the promotional activities of the H₂GreenTECH project partners. Others will be included in the website Hydrogen Center in consultation with the authors to promote their activities in the field of hydrogen technologies.

Photo Contest Details:  
Send photos in digital format, colour or black and white, from professionals or amateurs, to by 6 June 2021. Include a short title (up to 50 characters with spaces) and description (up to 300 characters with spaces). Photo quality: highest resolution shots, submitted photos must not be less than the minimum dimensions of 1920 × 1280.
Photo selection:  

Five representatives of the H₂GreenTECH project partners will select the winning photos. The
winning photos will be published on the H₂GreenTECH website and on the project’s social
networks (FB, LinkedIn) no later than 11 June 2021.

We will use the photos for promotional purposes of the project and not for other marketing purposes. We will not sell or give the photos to any third party. If necessary, we will direct the request to the author of the photograph. The author of the photograph agrees to have the consent of the people in the published image. The H₂GreenTECH project partners reserve the right to withdraw any photograph from the photo contest at their sole discretion and notify the author of the photograph. We will only accept copyrighted photos.

On behalf of the H₂GreenTECH project consortium, lead partner / project partner

National Institute of Chemistry,

Petra Props, Project coordinator