Long Night of Research 2022 – University of Applied Science and Research Burgenland

Station: “H2 – Hydrogen: Energy of the future?”

On 20th of May 2022 the Long Night of Research took place again in Pinkafeld after 2 years. 12 stations were presented at the University of Applied Sciences and Forschung Burgenland. These ranged from 3-D printers to a climate cabin to an H₂ station “H₂ – Hydrogen: Energy of the future?” At this hydrogen station many interesting facts about hydrogen and its use in energy supply were explained. This promising technology was presented by means of a fuel cell in the laboratory of the FH Burgenland. In a fuel cell, hydrogen is converted into electrical energy (converted into electricity) by an electrochemical process. Since no carbonaceous material is used in the process, no CO₂ emissions are released. Christian Seidl talked about the fuel cell and about his exciting everyday life in the field of building technology, energy strategy and hydrogen. The Austrian energy strategy is moving towards renewable energy generated from water, wind, sun and biomass to reduce CO₂ emissions. However, due to the volatility of wind and solar energy, it needs a storage medium, for which “green H2” will be increasingly used in the future. Furthermore, hydrogen can contribute to a sustainable supply of electricity and heat.

Furthermore, knowledge about H₂ was imparted to children and adults in a playful way in an interactive H₂ quiz. H₂ is a very light and abundant gas in the universe. These and many other interesting facts and figures about H₂ were explained in the H₂ quiz by Nora Kirchknopf and Marion Schönfeldinger and the riddels were solved together with young and old