Invitation to submit comments on the draft Roadmap for Hydrogen Technologies in Slovenia and Austria

The Roadmap for Hydrogen Technologies in Slovenia and Austria is a joint cross-border strategic document that defines the development of the technology until 2025 with guidelines and priorities in Slovenia and Austria. It is important to create a supportive and stable environment for small and medium-sized enterprises and industry to invest in the development of new hydrogen technologies. In this way, long-term effects of cross-border knowledge transfer from research to industry and vice versa should be achieved.

Interested can help to identify current weaknesses in policy, in the supportive environment, in funding and in the transfer of research and innovation into practice. Read the draft roadmap and have your say! >>>

The suggestions will be included in the document and complemented by the conclusions of the Policy Forum in spring 2022, which will bring together stakeholders from research and innovation, business and policy makers.

The responsible H₂GreenTECH partner for the preparation of the Roadmap is the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MIZŠ) with the coordination of key stakeholders in Slovenia and Austria. The end-users of the Roadmap are policy makers at national, regional and local level in Slovenia and Austria, SMEs and members of the HYDROGEN CENTER network. The Roadmap will be accessible to all stakeholders and the cross-border network Hydrogen Center will be responsible for its implementation.