Winning photos of the H₂GreenTECH photo-contest: Let’s run the future on hydrogen! 

  1. Author: Cornelia Milchram – ConnieM, Austria: Water is the future!

This nature picture was taken at the Gruenensee in Austria. The picture symbolizes on the one hand the tranquility that lies in the water and on the other hand the enormous power that lies in its H₂ element.

  1. Author: Carina Halper, Austria: Take a break, take a breath and take H2 to the next level!

Creating the future is as important as living in the moment. Therefore, the best way to be sustainable is to find a balance. So take breaks while you work, take a deep breath, and in between get excited about new technologies like H₂ that are already here and just waiting to be taken to the next level. The best ideas and performance come from balanced and energetic employees!

  1. Author: Ajda Delić, Slovenia: Laboratory equipment at National Institute of Chemistry

Batch reactor for the analysis of released gases in hydrogen storage processes, used by researchers in the Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering. 

  1. Author: Andraž Pavlišič, Slovenia: Demonstration of laboratory simulations

Multi-scale modelling of methanol production. Winners receive the H₂GreenTECH Promotional Package and #Spend the Day experience in the lab at National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia or TU Graz, Austria. Congratulations! 



Petra Props, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

Dragica Marinič, Štajerska Gospodarska Zbornica

Sigrid Wolf, Technische Universität Graz

Marion Schoenfeldinger, Forschung Burgenland

Tanja Oberwinkler-Sonnleitner, Fachhochschüle Kärnten